i'm ira (read: ee-rah), a motion and graphic designer based in the bay area. i currently work at duarte playing two-roles-in-one as the house motion designer and presentation bard, bringing innovative design work that truly fulfills the wishes of our clients, ranging from works being displayed on computer screens to a mammoth sized 100ft wide multiple event screens.

in my spare time, i enjoy drawing rotund birds and comics, playing video games and consuming any storytelling media from webcomics to movies.

view my resume here.



after effects Skill Level: 75%
C4D Skill Level: 25%
final cut Skill Level: 50%

photoshop Skill Level: 95%
illustrator Skill Level: 85%
premiere Skill Level: 55%

keynote Skill Level: 90%
powerpoint Skill Level: 75%
sketching Skill Level: 85%