i'm ira (read: ee-rah), a motion designer based in the bay area. i'm a motion graphics artist at Duarte where i fly between motion&video editing work and presentation design work to bring top notch designs to our clients. starting from a tender childhood wall doodles with delightful color pencils, i have since continued cultivating my skill and passion on to an array of mediums from oil painting to tweaking pixels on tiny screens up to a mammoth sized 100ft wide multiple event screens until perfection. in my spare time, i enjoy drawing rotund birds and comics, playing video games and consuming any storytelling media from webcomics to movies.


DUARTE senior / motion graphics artist
THE ETHER DESIGN motion designer
BIG MACHINE DESIGN motion design intern


ART CENTER COLLEGE OF DESIGN graphic design focus in motion design


SOFTWARE after effects, cinema 4d, final cut pro, premiere, photoshop, illustrator, html, css, keynote, powerpoint and mac&pc platforms
HARDWARE sketching, condensed note taking, sticky notes


INTEREST reimagining my life as a haphazard bird comic strip on the adventures of adulthood, storytelling of various mediums, birds of all kinds (the rounder the better)
ENJOY food, (web)comics and video games
LINKS instagram, twitter, linkedin